Remodeling is where we began.  We have learned the language of old houses the right way - the only way.  Every project, every client gets the same attention to detail now as they did 13 years ago when we started.  The subtlety and nuance required to work on an old house is different on every project, but repeats itself nonetheless in broader strokes on house after house.  We understand the respect and tradition of each house and treat it as if it were our own.

33rd Avenue Remodel

Architect:  Squareroot, Inc.
Square Feet: 1,700
Build Time: 8 months
"Remodel" does not quite describe the scope and complexity of this project.  The original 1890's Victorian was near the end of its lifespan when we took it over.  Instead of giving up its rich history and place on the block, we figured out a way to save it - not an easy task.  We integrated new structural elements from the ground up; including a new open floor plan, new 2nd story, and a new addition which brought this house back to life.  33rd Ave has a 19th Century exterior a 21st Century interior.

Vine Street Addition

Architect:  Squareroot, Inc.
Square Feet: 700
Build Time: 5 months
The goal on this project was to blend the new kitchen addition with the old Denver Four Square.  It is difficult to tell where the old house ends and the addition begins.  Reclaimed stone window sills, exterior brick details, and an unrelenting attention to detail made this project a success.  Squareroot, Inc. served as the designer, engineer, cabinet maker and GC on this project.

South East Denver Pop Top

Architect: Aakar Architecture
Square Feet: 3,500
Build Time: 5 months
The Bates St. residence included a new 2nd floor addition and the complete remodel of the existing house.  After demolition, the only portion of the remaining house left was the foundation and the 4 exterior walls.   The house was designed to reflect the homeowner’s modern tastes without contrasting with the existing neighborhood.  With 4 bedrooms, a guest suite, a second floor loft/family room, and his/her home offices, this house was custom built for the needs of its occupants.  As with most of Squareroot’s projects, this remodel includes many custom built-ins.

Parkway Addition

Architect: Squareroot / Homeowner
Square Feet: 4,000
Build Time: 9 months

An eclectic remodel and addition transformed the Parkway house into an Italian inspired artists’ sanctuary.  Materials were imported from around the world including fixtures from France, tile from Italy and Portugal, and salvaged barn timbers from Louisiana.  Doors, gates and other artifacts acquired by the homeowner were incorporated into the design of the house giving it a truly unique, whimsical feel.  An extensive wine cellar and library was custom designed and built by Squareroot to turn the basement into a sophisticated yet rustic retreat.  The artists’ loft takes advantage of 15 foot high ceilings and abundant natural light.